Welcome to Verity Health Center.  One of Tallahassee, Florida’s best Chiropractic and Wellness centers. We are so glad you have found us!!  Verity Health Center exists to help all individuals reach their true healthy potential. Here at Verity, rather than focusing on the treatment of symptoms and pain alone, we work hard to correct the cause of your pain and discomfort. We will work one on one with patients in developing customized plans that restore proper nerve flow and educate on nutrition, exercise, and detoxification.

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  • At Verity Health Center we use chiropractic adjustments as a tool to improve a persons nervous system which in turn will provide you with a healthier and more enjoyable life! Do you live in Tallahassee or the surrounding areas?

    We seek not only to restore the nervous system for adults but also the whole family. We offer a natural way to help children develop and grow. [Learn more]

    We utilize the following techniques:

    Y Traction Adjustments ArthroStim [What's this?]
    Supine Diversified Thompson Method
    S.O.T C.L.E.A.R/Pettibon protocols

    At Verity Health Center we have a strong focus on on pediatric care as well as individual and family care. We work with each and every patient to formulate a plan to attain the common goal of health and wellness. While other chiropractic centers will just treat your symptoms, here at Verity Health Center we form a plan of action to provide corrective care. This type of care allows us to assist our patients to rid themselves of pain and discomfort in the long term, not simply the short term.

    Call us today for an initial evaluation and start down the path of getting back the life you were meant to have!

  • We offer optimal living classes so that you can maximize your quality of life.

    Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes are three of the leading causes of death in our country. What do all three of them have in common? They can be prevented by better lifestyle choices. What is it that you need to change?

    Do you need to loose weight? Do you need more energy? Do you know what to look for when shopping at the grocery store? Need to learn how to exercise less then 12 minutes a day 3 x a week because you don’t have enough time? How about avoiding sickness and disease for you and your entire family?

    Here at Verity, we offer optimal living classes so that you can maximize your quality of life.

    Contact us TODAY to start maximizing your Health!

  • Each day your body is regenerating, which means your body is creating new cells every day! Whether these cells are healthy or sick is entirely up to the foods you choose to put into your body. Nutrition is such an important part in your care here because we know that the foods you eat fuel the trillions of cells that make up your heart, lungs, digestive system, and so much more. We, as chiropractors, work to remove the interference in the nervous system so that your tissues, organs, and cells may heal at 100%. Healing can only occur if the right raw materials are there to rebuild your body. When we create disease in our bodies we must look to the cause. With the changes in our food system from overly processed foods, genetically modified foods that our body can hardly recognize, sugars, and neurotoxins we must learn to take health into our hands. Here at Verity Health Center we work to educate and empower our patients so that they know the right choices to create strong, healthy bodies.
  • Ideally all nutrients that our body needs to grow, heal, and function at 100% should be received through the foods that we eat. However, with our modern age there comes along changes in the way our food is grown and distributed. The changes in farming and in the environment has depleted our soil of many vital nutrients, food has been modified to be unrecognizable when put into our bodies, and packaged foods are so processed to last on shelves longer rather than to deliver those vital nutrients we need.

    Here at Verity Health Center we understand not only the importance of these nutrients in our bodies but also the changes in our food. We carry whole food supplements with minimal ingredients in order to equip each patient with the raw materials needed for their bodies to function optimally. Our primary goal is to remove the interference in your nervous system so that your cells, organs, and tissues may begin to heal and use those raw materials to make healthy cells.

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We will work one on one with patients in developing customized plans that restore proper nerve flow and educate on nutrition, exercise, and detoxification.


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